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Job Information

BrightStar Care CNA / Full Time / Field Support Specialist / All Shifts in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Job Description Summary

The Field Support is responsible for providing care as needed during her (or his) assigned schedule. The assigned shifts may be in homes to provide personal and companion care or in facilities to provide sitting services to a single patient or to provide personal services to multiple patients on a floor. The Field Specialist will be expected to go to all assigned shifts in any location within BrightStar’s territory, including the BrightStar Office.

Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Be prepared to leave for your assignment within 15 minutes notice during your scheduled hours. We will try to schedule shifts as far out as possible. The following items must be in order:* Dressed, groomed, and ready to go in scrubs with ID Badge,
  • Personal childcare pre-arranged,
  • Cell phone charged and ringer turned on,
  • Transportation available for use, and
  • Have blank Care Notes on hand at all times.

  • For all childcare cases, call the family of the assigned case to introduce yourself before arriving.

  • Demonstrate our core values:* Exude Positive Energy,
  • Display Professionalism, and
  • Go Above and Beyond.

  • BrightStar Office staffing as needed. Qualifications

  • South Carolina current Certified Nursing Certificate (CNA),

  • Current credentials (including CPR certification).
  • Reliable transportation and automobile insurance. Environment, Personal Protective Equipment, and Physical Demands

Working Conditions: Clients' home environment, facilities, and BrightStar Care office.

Physical Requirements: Must be able to stand, walk, squat, bend, kneel, reach, twist, push and pull. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.


  • Base pay: $13/hour
  • Weekly Hours Guaranty: You will work a minimum of 30 hours per week. If scheduled to work less than 30 hours, you may be asked to work in the office for the balance of the hours. You will always be paid for at least 30 hours at the $10/hour rate. If unable to work due to illness or other non-company related reason, the 30 hours guarantee is waived or those hours would be deducted from the 30 hour guarantee.
  • Mileage: You will receive $30.00 per week for gasoline. You will be reimbursed this amount by claiming 50 miles on your timesheet each week. Time Off

  • Paid time off for vacation and/or sick leave will be accrued at the rate of ½-day (3 hours) per month, up to a total of 6 days (36 hours). The amount of 6 hours per day is arrived at by dividing 30 hours of guaranteed time per week by 5 weekdays.

  • Days taken off before vacation or sick time is accrued will be deducted from the guaranteed amount of 30 hours per week at the rate of 6 hours per day. For example, if a day is taken off for sick leave before a sick day has accrued to cover it, and the employee has not worked 30 hours, then 6 hours of pay will be deducted from that week’s pay.
  • Days off for other than illness should be requested two weeks in advance and approved by the Branch Manager.